Switching to a new root server

Important news about the servers.
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Switching to a new root server

Post by Deathblade » Sun 18 Aug , 2013 6:17 pm

Hi all !
To improve overall performance, download time and loading, we will change the dedicated server !

Here is the new specs :

CPU : Intel Xeon E5-1650 6 cores / 12 threads 3.2GHz, 3.8GHz turbo mode
RAM amount : 64 Gb
Bandwith : 500 Mbp/s symetrical to the internet
Storage : 2x 2To in RAID1 (MegaRaid adapter)

Here's how it will happen :

1. New server will be reserved, avaibility delay is 72H

2. Overall set up, security, apache/PHP5, MySql, a RAMdrive will be created for the URLredirect download.

3. Boards will be copied to the new server, with MySql bases and the teamspeak.
So the boards can be unreachable for ~24h

4. DNS redirected to the new server only for the http protocol and the teamspeak, the DNS server will stay on the old server as the end of the migration.

5. Game servers will be copied to new system, old will stay up until the new games servers are ready.

6. The DNS will be switched to the new server with all existing zones and become the master.

7. Migration of the other stuff (Minecraft, Dayz virtual machines...etc)

You will be kept informed of every step
The LDG admin !

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