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BallisticPro Changelogs

Posted: Fri 18 Feb , 2011 9:11 pm
by Azarael

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Sun 01 May , 2011 10:45 pm
by Azarael
- Added ability to dodge in aim down sight view. Dodge covers 80% of the distance of a regular dodge and dodge jumping is blocked while in ADS view.

I felt being limited to 80% movement speed walk for accuracy was killing the gameplay.

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Mon 29 Aug , 2011 8:35 pm
by Azarael
Update to V55


- Fixed bug in zoom when temporarily scoping down with a smooth zooming weapon

- New clients will now use my slot placement, roughly conforming to stock weapon roles and ranges, rather than RuneStorm's idea of where weapons should be placed

A42 Skrith Pistol

- Reduced ammo capacity from 300 to 150
- A42 gains 10 ammo per second, charges 4 seconds after player ceases firing
- A42 secondary damage reduced from 80 to 50

fix to dual A42 spam and very accurate alt attack

A73 Skrith Rifle

- Aim adjust time down to 0.375 from 0.5

nerf to A73 hipfire

AM67 Assault Pistol

- Recoil reduced from 2048 to 512

adjustment for recoil bug


- Removed access to Invisible combo

too strong in BW and widely reviled even in the default game, already disabled in Freon


- Increased projectile speed of BORT-85 flare by 33%

flare weak in comparison to grenade

BX-5 Spring Mine

- BX-5 mines no longer trigger on crouching players

E-23 Plasma Rifle

- Series Pulse damage down from 35 to 31
- Reduced muzzle flash size to make most firemodes easier to use

Fifty-9 Machine Pistol

- Reduced recoil from 128 to 108


- Direct impact damage reduced from 250 to 175
- Damage radius reduced from 256 to 220

HvC Lightning Gun

- fixed issue with desynch of heat level
- damage increased from 3 to 4

M-46 Combat Rifle

- Recoil increased from 128 to 150
- Rate of fire slowed from 0.13 to 0.135
- M-46 mines no longer trigger on crouching players

M-46 outperforming other rifles in its class

M-50 Assault Rifle

- Damage increased from 17 to 18

M-353 Machinegun

- Recoil increased from 128 to 150

MRS-138 Shotgun

- Aim variance increased from 750-1200 to 900-1400
- Spread increased from 850-750 to 1200-900
- Fires 16 pellets instead of 12
- Cocking rate reduced from 140% to 110%

Now fires a powerful blast with wide horizontal spread, but has a long cocking delay. Similar to the M290, but lacking the versatility in single-barrelled fire.

R-9 Ranger Rifle

- Damage increased from 55 to 60

R-78 Sniper Rifle

- Damage increased from 90 to 95

Dark Star / Nova Staff

- Players using the powerup take 40% less damage, down from 25% less damage
- Slightly increased duration of powerup

Sub-Assault Rifle 12

- Reduced recoil from 72 to 64 to compensate for awful ironsights

SRS-600 Battle Rifle

- Increased damage from 28 to 30

XMk-5 Submachine Gun

- Reduced recoil from 100 to 80
- Increased poison dart velocity from 6000 to 8000

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Thu 01 Sep , 2011 4:44 pm
by Azarael

- Suppressed weapons, reloads and cocking are all more audible
- BallisticPlayer now config(User) rather than config(BallisticProV55)

E-23 ViPeR
- Increased in-scope sway from 0% to 30%
- Increased recoil from 40 to 64
- Decreased damage of laser from 13 to 9


- Initial ammo down to 2 from 4

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Fri 09 Sep , 2011 5:36 pm
by Azarael

- Momentum applied to frozen players reduced by 95% to prevent Git kills with A-49 and MRS-138
- Players will now correctly freeze when killed manning a deployed weapon

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Sat 10 Sep , 2011 4:48 pm
by Azarael
CYLO Firestorm
  • Removed ridiculous bonus damage values given for overheating
M50 Assault Rifle
  • Reduced excessive pushback
Deployed weapons
  • All Machinegun-class weapons have increased accuracy when deployed
XMV-850 Minigun
  • Movespeed is reduced by 35% when wielding this weapon
  • Reduced recoil
  • Recoil when firing from the hip is now locked to the crosshairs

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Posted: Sat 01 Oct , 2011 1:18 pm
by Azarael
Melee weapon attachments

All main weapon bayonets except the Dark Star's Chainsaw have a fixed range of 196 units.

All sidearm bayonets have a fixed range of 150 units.


Random recoil increased by 25%
Recoil increased by 33%
AimAdjustTime now 0.3 seconds
Crouch stabilisation reduced from 50% to 25%

SRS900, SRS600

Firerate of 900 decreased from 0.12 to 0.135 to match 600
Crouch stabilisation reduced from 50% to 25%
Recoil increased from 170 to 196
Fixed an oversight giving both SRS better hipfire than they should have
Both weapons have more initial ammunition

LS-14 Laser Carbine

Weapon now spawns with more ammo


Ammo capacity increased from 5 to 8
Bulldog spawns with much fewer grenades
Primary fire damage up to 95 from 85
Primary fire no longer possesses inherent inaccuracy
Secondary fire impact damage reduced from 175 to 120
Secondary fire blast radius increased
Secondary fire now affected by gravity

CYLO Firestorm

Heat per shot down from 1.1 to 0.9

AM67 Pistol

Halved recoil

S-AR 12

Damage up from 20 to 22

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Posted: Sun 02 Oct , 2011 4:26 pm
by Azarael
All weapons

Starting reserve ammo is 3 mags

LS-14 Carbine

Alt fire delay increased from 0.125 to 0.25
Recoil halved for both firemodes


Increased sight raise time to 0.55 seconds
Increased sway in aim by 60%
Decreased primary damage from 95 to 75
FRAG-12s should explode again
Increased recoil to 512 from 200

X-82 Sniper Rifle

Fixed aim-off issue

HMC Photon Cannon

Doubled primary fire ammo consumption
Initial ammo increased dramatically

Dark Star

Reduced melee damage by 33%

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Wed 05 Oct , 2011 10:17 pm
by Azarael

Changed Ballistic inventory groups to match mine:

Melee / Pistol / SMG / Assault / Energy / Deployable / Shotgun / Ordnance / Sniper / Supers & Nades

A-49 Skrith Blaster

Deals 25 damage to self on use of altfire
Altfire damage increased by 33%

Sub-Assault Rifle 12

Tweaked stock bonuses
Weapon is now more accurate when crouching to match other weaponry
Reduced obnoxious muzzle flash size

M75 Railgun

Raise time increased from 0.35 to 0.65
Scope sway increased

LS-14 Laser Carbine

Raise time increased from 0.35 to 0.6

R78 Sniper Rifle

Raise time increased from 0.4 to 0.55

X-83 Sniper Rifle

Chaos decline time down to 0.5 from 1.8
Raise time increased from 0.35 to 0.65

R9 Ranger Rifle

Damage down from 60 to 55
Sways more in ironsights
Sways less when crouched

Changes to scoped weapons because they were seeing a lot of use on the fly and in close combat.

Re: BallisticPro changelogs.

Posted: Wed 12 Oct , 2011 11:07 am
by Azarael
BORT (Grenade Pistol)

Impact damage down to 85 from 100
Damage down to 65 from 85
Radius down to 256 from 384


No longer causes vertical view shaking

XK2 Submachine Gun

Range attenuation (damage loss over range) increased from 25% to 50%

Fifty-9 Machine Pistol

Hipfire spread increased from Small to Medium
High damage range decreased from 1500 to 1024
Damage loss range decreased from 1024 to 768
Damage increased from 15 to 18

(the above control where the weapon begins to lose damage over range, and where it reaches its minimum damage, CoD-style)

XRS-10 Machine Pistol

Hipfire spread increased from Small to Medium
High damage range decreased from 1500 to 1024
Damage loss range decreased from 1024 to 768
Damage increased from 20 to 22

S-AR 12

Increased recoil


Lowered raise time from 0.55 to 0.5

X82 Sniper Rifle

Resolved issue with wonky aim
Player move speed down from 90% to 75%