Any mappers / scripters alive and/or active?

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Any mappers / scripters alive and/or active?

Post by Dave » Sun 15 Mar , 2020 8:03 pm

Hi guys,
So I've started a forlorn attempt beeing a mapper myself. Although it turns out quite nicely I still struggle with some implementations.
I would like to know if there are any mappers or scripters in here who are able or willing to help me with some issues.

For now I stick to racing maps, so the basis would be the Assault gametype although I'm implementing minor features of other gametypes as well via mutators (ONS, Invasion, etc.).

Currently I struggle with two things:
1) Setting up multiple radar image files beeing triggered at a certain place on the map (because one image file alone wouldn't cover the whole map).
-> Using the mutator "TeamRadar" ... le&id=1109
-> Note: the mutator is working fine, the radar shows up quite nicely. Although there is no background image for the icons overlay yet (which I need help with).

2) Editing actor scripts in order to do what I'd like them to do:
-> for example: creating a new pawn with custom attributes and functions
-> or adding 'Announcer_DisabledObjective' sounds for a custom made proximity objective

Well, I don't set my hopes too high, but if there is anyone in here knowing some stuff, feel free to share.
I highly appreciate any kind of help.

Thanks in advance!
Greets, Dave

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