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Action Needed: UT2004 stats server not working.

Posted: Wed 14 Feb , 2018 10:29 pm
by Miauz55555
Let's show Epic that there is still some live in UT2004. And also that the UT forum is more a secret place which is not linked on there main paige will not stop us from posting things there. =)

Would be nice if you can post there that it would be great when the stat server gets back up: ... ot-working

There server is down a few weeks now.

_Lynx answered in the Beond Unreal discord:
4 February 2018
[21:22] Miauz55555C: @_Lynx Did Flag said anything about the stats server? Together with the stats server the for Unreal Engine Two is down as well. Is the data save? It would be a really big loss if all the informations are just lost, as there are still people who edit levels and create new content for UT2k4. It would be very nice if you could may ask her about that, too.
5 February 2018
[21:14] _Lynx: @Miauz55555C I mentioned both, but it got under all the problems that we had in the last two weeks.
[21:14] _Lynx: The UDN is back up, and the server is being looked into – I'm not in the loop on that one, so you may want to check it yourself if it's up
[21:18] Miauz55555C: Thank you _Lynx. Yes the UDN is back up, that's very nice. The stats is still down. Thanks for the heads up. =) Oh and say thanks to Flak as well, please.

Post in that topic at the Epic forum. Minimal a "+1". Spam the link to the topic. Get former Ut players on that forum and let them write in it. Ask official Epic guys/girls about it (nice and polite).

I think we all have the same goal and at the end we are all one big community. Keep UT2k4 alive. Also post when you don't care about stats. You should care about the 2 MASTER SERVERS. And that would be probably the next on there list.

Re: Action Needed: UT2004 stats server not working.

Posted: Sun 06 Jan , 2019 9:16 pm
by Miauz55555
R.I.P. EpicStatServer. * 18. March 2004 _ † 4. Dec. 2018
Flak told me that they were not allowed to copie the database and make it open. The management may just decidet to delete the history without any backup. They may have done it now. If anybody has saved it, it would be appreciated when it would made public.

So I downloaded a bit to save a little history. It's not even close to everything, nevertheless a huge number of files. Uncompressed ~20 GB and with zip ~4.08 GB, rar and 7zip are lower, but I used zip for the mac users. The file was compressed with 7zip.
Feel free to do whatever you like with the files and share them. Just give some credits to the work which my Labtop did. =D ...

Code: Select all
HTTrack Website Copier/3.49-2 mirror complete in 31 days, 0 hours 52 minutes 1 seconds : 916955 links scanned, 792383 files written (17712681053 bytes overall), 699304 files updated [2418488588 bytes received at 901 bytes/sec], 16609042460 bytes transferred using HTTP compression in 688387 files, ratio 13%, 17.3 requests per connection

(121662 errors, 3038 warnings, 0 messages)

Every "error" is a server because the tracker obviously couldn't start the game. You can take a look at the IP:Ports in the log file.
The newest data is also from the date when I first lanched it, so the newest aren't there.

You can't use the search functions from the pages. But you can sort the players bye ID, or name and than try to find the right page. To open it save the files on your PC and uncompress it (My main PC was needing 30 mins with 6 kernals to compress it.) than go to the "index.html" within the folder and open it local in a browser. (Don't try to move or copie the uncompressed files to another physical medium as it will take some days.)

And in case you don't havethem already, here are many custom-map musik files (2.41 GB): ... ction01.7z