The "Ballistic" menu and relevant settings

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The "Ballistic" menu and relevant settings

Post by Azarael » Wed 25 Jan , 2012 8:05 pm

Ballistic Weapons has a menu, which can be brought up by typing ballistic in the console. Relevant settings which affect your clients are listed here, and all of these settings are either in the Preferences or Blood tabs. Settings which I do not list either have no effect (e.g. Ballistic Inventory Groups), have become redundant in light of some fixes (e.g Use Scope View Aim) or tweaking them is detrimental to you (e.g. View Aim and View Recoil Scale).

Preferences Tab

Camera Update Rate: This controls the update frequency of the M50's camera. Lower this if you experience issues with the M50.

Weapon Detail, Effects Quality, Eject Brass, Brass Life Scale: Control Ballistic-related GFX options. Lower these to reduce lag on weaker graphics cards.

Muzzle Smoke: Controls whether muzzle smoke is visible. May be useful to turn this off on DM-Serenissima due to the smoke bug.

Weapon Selection UI: Controls the weapon selection interface. If you don't want to use the UI, turn it off here.

Motion Blur: Causes motion blur when affected by explosions, gas and head shots. Defaults to off. Has issues if you change res and may cause problems on older graphics cards.

Play Scope Up on Reload: Controls whether, when a weapon is reloaded or cocked from iron sights, the weapon will automatically raise into sights view when the reload or cock animations have finished. Defaults to "on" - this setting doesn't exist in Ballistic V25 and thus I've left the default setting as "on" to reflect the V25 behaviour. You may find that "off" grants more control.


These settings control blood. Particularly important settings are:

Blood Particle FX: This defaults to "off" because it can cause the game to crash when played with certain ATi Radeon cards. The HD4xxx series is known to be vulnerable. If you have an nVidia card, enable this for better blood effects.

Screen Blood: Causes your screen to become bloody if a player is damaged close to you or you suffer headshot damage. Defaults to "off" and there's no reason you'd ever want it on.

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