Important announcement for the current map

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Important announcement for the current map

Post by Pinky » Wed 18 Dec , 2013 5:49 pm

Since there is now a beta build of the 1.7.x server version available, the first steps in the transition towards a new map will commence soon. Starting this Saturday, the WorldBorder of the current map will be set to the following coordinates:
x1 = -5600, x2= 2704
z1 = -5000, z2 = 3304
Anyone with properties outside of this area should move their belongings inside of this border ASAP, or ask for an extension in case they can't make it in time. Buildings can be moved by an admin on request. The next step is the generation of every missing chunk inside the new world border. The final step is the removal of any chunk outside of the border. This will be done at the beginning of next week. From that point on, everything outside the above mentioned border will be gone.

The resulting, downscaled map will then be used as an additional dimension of the new map.

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