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LDG ModServer

Post by Deathblade » Fri 17 Oct , 2014 11:27 am

my ModServer is re-open and ready to accept new players :)

It runs around 46 mods, essentially thechnic mods : Mekanism, Galacticraft, ICBM, thermalExpansion, DimDoors...

Build your own lunar base or orbital station, found stranges portals around the overworld to walk trough the reality fabric and explore old ruins lost in a timeless dimension, the rewards can be incredible, but be aware to not fall in the Limbo; the place of what should not be...

This is a survival server with NEI to show you all recipes, the mod Mo Creatures adds many amimals such tigers, fox, butterflys... You can tam a horse and use it to travel around the world.

This is a modserver, so there are no plugins or world protection. For this reason we use the whitelist.

Tell me here if you want to strat a new and incredible adventure! (don't forget your username)

here is the .minecraft file (don't forget to set "forge" in the release list)
https://www.dropbox.com/s/f387lrhll9ci2 ... t.zip?dl=0

IP : ldg-gaming.eu:24585
The LDG admin !

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