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Posted: Sun 05 Aug , 2018 9:40 am
by pie
Firstly I jsut want to say thank you for putting my map online, I'm really proud to see it on the LDG server. As some of you have played it now and offered some ideas I'll try and get them sorted.
Please just post here if you have any ideas. Remember though as with any large map it takes a few plays to get used to (and to find hidden items and to learn not so obvious routes), just like
some of the classic maps already on the server. The last thing I want to do is to put in arrows and hud messages that would be worthless after a few plays, clutter is ugly.

A few things on my list:

1. Add a second way into the garden area (with the large tree).

2. More weapons and ammo, as for weapons balance I tried to make both sides almost the same. Any ideas pls post here.

3. As it's a large map some people were asking about jump pads, I was against this as I wanted the map to be an old school bish bash bosh
type of thing. Also I did not want teleports or even forced spawns. After seeing it played I'll put some jump pads in (again just let me know
where if I get it wrong). I'll set jump pads to gain accses to the upper side walks in the indoor garden. The large area at the start of the map
will also get jump pads for attakcers to get into the action quicker.


Posted: Sun 05 Aug , 2018 9:42 pm
by darkelf
1. Defiantly like the idea of adding some jump pads in. Can always set them up in a way to be turned on once a side objective is done or after a certain amount of time goes by. That way it requires team work to get an advantage(side mission obj to unlock). Or if by timer it acts as a way to help a less skilled team to have a chance to catch up.

2. Also recommend disabling vehicles from previous obj's once they have been completed. Found that a lot of people kept blocking areas with vehicles trying to push through a door way that is obviously to small for a vehicle. (Take a look at furry joleton race to see how to disable and kill vehicles after an objective is completed).

3. The flat surface area combat really favors camping with sniper rifles and given the large distance between defenders and attackers, if both teams are well skilled could end up being a sniper fest for 20 min. I recommend adding some more obstacles (ie. crates, trees, trucks, barrels anything that fits the theme of map) to help encourage close combat. Another way to prevent this is to give long distance weapons to attackers and leave defense with close range weapons.

Other then that I love the map, theme and objectives. Lots to explore still.

Oh I also did a stream of a rather packed server playing map so might be able to see things in a review of the gameplay that might aid you.


Posted: Mon 06 Aug , 2018 7:20 am
by pie
Thank you Elfy, thanks for making that so clear and talking the time to do so. I'll get that sorted out as soon as possible and I'll check out that stream too.


Posted: Mon 06 Aug , 2018 7:38 pm
by pie
Could anyone of importance please take my map off the server until I finish the update?


Posted: Fri 10 Aug , 2018 2:13 pm
by pie
Map updates,

1. Primary jumppads added to 1st outdoor area.
2, Secondary jumppads added to 1st outdoor area (active after gate explodes).
3,1st Attackers benders now disappear after obj 3 is complete (this annoys me a little because it breaks immersion for the current drivers feedback please).
4, Arrows now appear (at attackers spawn area) when 3rd ojg is active showing direction to both playes on foot and driving.
5, Added more cover in the 'tank room' (work in progress).
6, Removed collision from spot light cone (that was above 2x destroy obj's).
7, Added redeemer near spawn point (attackers) before garden.
8, Added minigun pick up (garden) near defenders entrance.
9, Added 2nd way into garden (attackers).
10, Added jumppad's x4 in garden (they become active as soon as core picked up).
11, Moved health keg and 100 sheild in garden.
12, Removed scene intro.
13, Removed a few comlex anitporals (they were made from a spheres, they migth be too hard to process).
14, Removed Spidermines (I think I put them in by accident).
12, Added minigun plus ammo.