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Posted: Mon 08 Oct , 2018 1:25 am
by pie
I have a few things to sort out with this map just a few things on the lists below. I'll do my best but as the map is huge it might take me time to get it feeling OK.

1, Sort out the scorp spawns (vehicle spawns were duplicated on top of each other so easy fix).
2, More health on the scorps.
3, Make sure scorps respawn.
4, Add thicker fog. As its a no weapons map there's no need to see far into the distance (will help with performance).
5, Will think about seperating the two tracks into their own subtracted space if the above fails.
6,The kill zone will be reset I'm not sure why it's where it is now, I did move it down!

Another thing that is bothering me is the physicis of the scorps or benders on the LDG server. When I make these maps they
are made under the AS- tag and therefore have a different feel to drive. I'd really like to have the vehical physics as they are
when I make the maps... Could this be possible? If you want to know what I mean please load a few normal scorpions on my
map and change the RACE- prefix to AS- you'll soon see what I mean. These smooth and banked roads in my map really need to
have the right physics to bring them to life.

Anyway thanks again LDG for letting me get another map on your server.

Re: Race-Racepie

Posted: Sun 14 Oct , 2018 8:30 am
by pie
Map has a new update;

1, first obj is now taken in gunless scorp not on foot

2, scorp spawn should now be clean.

Fingers crossed. Latest map has been sent to Drive.