The Second IKS Tournament. 2v2 TAM.

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The Second IKS Tournament. 2v2 TAM.

Post by Den » Wed 29 Aug , 2018 5:02 am

The Second IKS Tournament. 2v2 TAM.

It is our pleasure to inform you about draft for the Second IKS Tournament. This time IKS Tourament returns as a 2v2 TAM tactical cooperation contest.

No place for mistake is allowed in this spastic fuckaround to the death, as it is only skill, strategy and dick size, that will determine which team of two comes out on the top.

16 teams will be divided in 4 groups where every team plays once with every opponent, two best teams qualify quaterfinals, from where standard tournament ladder applies.

Visit IKS Forum to learn more and apply for the tournament.
Registration is required to view forums.

Main organizer: Den
Art & minor organization issues: Fox
Tournament admins: Diater, himn (spam them for details)

Game Server: ut2004://
Tables and games results:
Discord: or usual invitation

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Re: The Second IKS Tournament. 2v2 TAM.

Post by nemes1s » Fri 14 Sep , 2018 3:28 pm


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