Minecraft server rules

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Minecraft server rules

Post by Pinky » Mon 24 Mar , 2014 5:46 pm

These rules extend those for the UT2004 servers and the forum rules where applicable. They are based on Coi's initial set of Minecraft rules and have been continuously expanded and refined since then. Considering Minecraft is a different game, here are the rules specific to the Minecraft server.

The diamond rule: If it's yours, protect it!
The golden rule: If it's not yours, don't touch it!
The follow-up rule: Don't cause unhappiness.

1. Keep the chat clean.
No spamming, no advertising of other servers unless permitted by an admin, no racism or any other form of disrespect.
Do not post links in the chat that contain pornographic, offensive, or malicious content, and content that is illegal in your country and the country in which this server is located in.
Racism also includes saying the word nigger or any form of it and will result in an instant seven day ban. Any Nazism such as building swastikas or calling other players Nazis will result in 14 or 30 day bans depending on the level of offense.
Don't pester admins, either.

2. All languages are, in principle, allowed. However, we would appreciate if you use (broken) English so that (almost) everyone can understand you.

3. Do not glitch or cheat.
Experience/mob farms are allowed, but do not go further than that (e.g. item duplication).
Any form of X-Ray, hacks, exploiting glitches (including item duplication) will lead to a ban.

4. No griefing.
The link above leads to a page on the Minecraft Wiki which explains the term "griefing."

5. No stealing.
This covers chests, furnaces, farms, item frames, etc.

6. Do not slow the server down.
Don't leave redstone clocks running. Activate them with a lever only when you need them. Going AFK near a mob spawner for a prolonged period will have you be kicked and the mobs will be despawned to stop the lag.

7. Keep the landscape clean.
No 1x1 towers or any other ugly structures that ruin the landscape. This includes large sprites/pixel-art images.

8. Respect the spaces of other players.
Try not to build next to another player's area (unless you're permitted by them). The map is quite large, so you shouldn't have trouble finding your own space to live.
Unwanted annexing or claiming of a player's area using Residence or Towny will result in administrative action.

9. Report any offenses, don't act like an admin.
If you experience someone breaking the rules, take a screenshot and PM a Minecraft administrator. If you break any rules trying to stop the player, you will be banned as well.

The banning system works like that of LDG UT2004 servers: Annoyance, insults, racism and alike lead to a temporary ban while hacking / cheating may lead directly to a permanent ban. For major offenses we also enter a global ban in the MCBans database, effectively banning you automatically on many other Minecraft servers as well.

For general information about our server, click here.
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