LDG Music Downloader download & information

Support and information for our music downloader on UT2004 servers.
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LDG Music Downloader download & information

Post by iZumo » Tue 15 Nov , 2016 6:37 am

LDG Music Downloader is a non-standard mod that extends the capability of UT2004 by automatically downloading custom music from the LDG servers. It will upon joining to the server download the music for the current map to your UT2004 Music directory should you not have it installed. The mod consists of a DLL library and a class package that is installed to your UT2004 system directory. The mod is compatible with all versions of Anti-TCC. Installation of the mod is optional. Upon joining the server for the first time, you'll be prompted if you want to install it. Should you accept, UT2004 will install the mod and restart itself, automatically reconnecting back to the server. In order for the installation to work, you must be allowed to write to the System directory of UT2004. After you reconnect back to the server, you'll be notified whether the installation was successful or failed. You can always install later through UTComp Jukebox menu (press F5 to open UTComp menu) or manually by downloading from this thread.

OS Support

Windows only. Those playing the 64-bit version of UT2004 will have to install manually.


Download LDGMusicDownloaderR01.zip (32-bit version of UT2004) or LDGMusicDownloader64R01.zip (64-bit version of UT2004) and extract the contents to the UT2004 system folder.
Please note that it's the version of the executable, not the OS. i.e. if your executable is UT2004.exe then you're using 32-bit version of UT2004, if your executable is UT2004-win64.exe then you're using the 64-bit version of UT2004.

32-bit version can be installed from ingame through UTComp Jukebox menu (press F5 to open UTComp menu) as well. Press F5 (or type "mymenu" to console), go to Jukebox tab and press "Install Downloader".


Remove LDGMusicDownloaderR01.dll and LDGMusicDownloaderR01.u (32-bit) or LDGMusicDownloader64R01.dll and LDGMusicDownloader64R01.u (64-bit).


Release date: 14/11/2016
Version: R01
For 64-bit UT2004 executable
(76.2 KiB) Downloaded 1359 times
For 32-bit UT2004 executable
(19.42 KiB) Downloaded 1155 times


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