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Play schedule

Post by Azarael » Thu 31 Oct , 2019 3:31 pm

Because of the low playerbase, we aim to play only on certain evenings.

The main schedule is:

Saturday: 7pm onwards
Sunday: 7pm onwards

And optionally:

Friday: 7pm onwards

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Re: Play schedule

Post by Calypto » Fri 20 Mar , 2020 11:58 am

Free Tibet game from yesterday:

16 players!

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Re: Play schedule

Post by Qbama » Fri 24 Jul , 2020 6:20 am

i looked friday but seemed empty, now i see its saturday, is the time UTC+1 ?

just some ideas to inform other players,

1.maybe add the play time in the splashscreen ("serverrules page" players see)
that main playtime is Friday and saturday 7-22h ?

2.add something in the title of the servername like "best of Friday-Saturday"

3. put an "ad" into splashscreen of the ldg racing server that freon server needs some players FR+Saturday 7-22h :D

4.write all registered players once one info-mail that they are invited to play at FR+Saturday 7-22h
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