Unreal Anthology (Diamond Edition)Version.

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Unreal Anthology (Diamond Edition)Version.

Post by Romulus » Wed 16 Sep , 2020 5:36 pm

Welcome everyone ! I hope you can stay with this post!
We have the Unreal Anthology Diamond💎 version!
A lot of people asked which tupu version we play with because a lot of people like this slim letter version!

i would just like to show you the UT2004 version that i and my brother JL have.
and as you can see, the font is also very unique, thin
many people like this font!
but I think it is very rare and can only be found in the Hungarian edition! ( Unreal Anthology Diamond Edition) version.

i felt like i was creating this post and so others would know what type this version is!

I hope no problem that I started this thread!

My Unreal Anthology DVD Box image:

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