Migration to the new map

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Migration to the new map

Post by Pinky » Thu 09 Jan , 2014 1:50 pm

The work on the new map/server is now almost finished. At the moment, I'm planning to change to the new map this weekend.

For the duration of one week, the spawning of hostile mobs will be deactivated in the new main world (but not in the Nether or on the old map). This should allow you to explore the map for a new place to live. Once you've found a nice spot, you can ask one of the admins to copy your building from the old map. The copy will be done with WorldEdit. Please don't expect the copy to be 100% perfect. We already encountered problems with some redstone circuitry not being copied exactly (placement of hoppers was different, etc...). Also, WorldEdit does not copy entites. This includes: animals, villagers, but also item frames or paintings. You'll have to re-place them in your building on the new map. If you don't want to lose them, put them into a chest before the copy process starts.

If you also want to keep your current inventory and the contents of your ender chest, you should join the old server within the next two days and make any small change to your inventory (add a block or remove a block). Your inventory will then be automatically saved in a format which allows it to be transferred to the new server.

One last reminder: if you have anything valuable in the Nether (such as rails or powered rails) you should grab it within the next two days or it will be gone forever...

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Re: Migration to the new map

Post by Coi » Sat 11 Jan , 2014 11:07 am

Late reply but I think we need more than 2 days for everyone to have done this.

(tl;dr: Put your frames / paintings / stuff from nether in chest)
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